Australian Permanent residency is a class of Australian visas that offers a full-fledged and restriction-free access to living, working, investing and studyingdown under. You mustn’t necessary have an experience of working in AU or ties to the country for getting PR in Australia. Many visa subclasses open the door to permanent residency; however, each scheme requires an individual approach and elaborate strategizing. Does Australia sound like your ultimate destination? Reach out to us for competent advice.

australian permanent residency

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australia Permanent Residency

Every visa subclass has its own Australian PR requirements, so depending on the category you choose, criteria you must meet will be different. However, these requirements are mutual for all schemes of PR for Australia:

sponsorship of the government, Australia-based business or a partner;expressing your interest in the job via governmental online skill system and receiving an invitation (for investment and business permanent visas);the age under 55 years old;meeting English language requirement (must be verified by a test);meeting temper and health requirements.

Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency visa

Becoming an Australian permanent resident, you get access to such perks:

You can jump from Australia PR to Australia citizenship if eligible.You can sponsor your other relatives and draw them to the country.Your kids become citizens automatically if they are born in Australia.After getting permanent residency in Australia, you get access to the full line of job positions (only a few are marked as “for citizens only”). Educational institutions are open to permanent residents and their families.Permanent immigration to Australia grants access to governmental healthcare (Medicare) and security programs.Permanent resident of Australia can enjoy visa-free entry to New Zealand along with the right to stay there indefinitely for working and studying.5-year traveling period is attached to your Australia PR; you can extend it by getting a“return” visa.

Permanent residency to Australia doesn’t put its holders on the same footing as the citizens. A permanent resident in Australia will have some restrictions:

Unlike citizens, permanent residents can’t save their status automatically when they return after travelling. Such right is initially provided by the Permanent Residency for Australia only for 5 years, but later you will need to have a Resident Return Visa to ensure your right to return.

Unless the Australia permanent residency was obtained before the 25th of January 1984, its holder doesn’t have a right to vote in Australia.

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Types of Australian Permanent Residency Visas in Australia:


Subclass 888 – Australian PR With Business Innovation And Investment (Permanent) Visa

Subclass 186 – Employer Nominated Permanent Residence Visa Scheme

Subclass 132 – Australian PR With Business Talent (Permanent) Visa

Subclass 820 – Australian PR Through Onshore Provisional Partner Visa

Subclass 309 – Australian PR Through Offshore Provisional Partner Visa


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