03 Aug 2017
August 3, 2017

How to get an Australian Visa

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How to get an Australian Visa.

how to get an australian visa

Original, signed Nigeria passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity Passport-type photograph. Photocopies of the passport and ID card.Proof of status.Itinerary. Medical check report.Bank Statement. Employment Letter. Hotel Reservations.


All visa applicants, regardless of their nationality, who are physically in Nigeria when applying for a visa to enter Australia, will need to provide their biometrics (fingerprints and a digital photograph) unless they are biometrics exempt.

You can find more information on the biometrics requirement on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Visa types

Before you apply for a visa, you must decide the kind of visa that meets your requirements and the types of visas includes Visit, Study, Work, Live and Citizenship. Other types can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border protection website

Processing times

Before you decide to apply for a visa please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the type of Visa you are applying for on our “how to get an Australian Visa blog”. Quick links to information on visa categories and other helpful information including Visa Fee, VFS Service Charge and Processing Time can be found on the VFS site.

You can also find information about processing times on the Australian High Commission in Pretoria’s website

These are average processing times only. They do not apply if the application is lodged incomplete and without all required documentation.

If you lodge your visa application late, please be aware that you may not be able to travel on your intended travel date.

Applicants should fill the Visa Application Form corresponding to the visa subclass under which they wish to lodge their application. Applicants can get the visa application form by visiting the nearest Australia Visa Application Centre or by downloading the forms online

Please ensure that you read the Security Regulations before you visit the Australia Visa Application centre

Visa labels

You do not need a visa label in your passport for travel to Australia. All visa status information is stored electronically on the DIBP’s systems. Instead of a visa label, you will be issued a grant notification letter including visa details.

Please be aware that if you are transiting or exiting through another country, you will need to check with the relevant government authorities regarding requirements to show a visa label in the passport. The Australian Government cannot advise on other countries’ requirements.

If you would like a visa label in your passport, you must specifically request this, and pay an additional visa evidence charge after the visa has been granted.

How to get more information on How to Get an Australian Visa


Before you lodge your visa application:

• You can get information about the visa application process from these websites:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Australian High commission in Pretoria

• If you would like to enquire about the visa application process or if you have general enquires you can contact the Law and Immigrate Nigeria office. Check contact us page for direction.

Via email: info.support@lawandimmigrate.com.ng
Via telephone: +234 909 290 0887

After you lodge your visa application

• You can enquire about the progress of your visa application or get more information by contacting the Visa and Immigration Section at the Australian High Commission in Pretoria via email at immigration.pretoria@immi.gov.au. This is the preferred contact method and all inquiries are responded to within 48 hours.

Click to learn More on our Live and Work in Australia page

Click to learn more about Australian Immigration


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