Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309/100

The Partner Visa subclass 309 (Provisional) enables you to stay in Australia permanently: (1) if you are a de facto partner or spouse of a Permanent Resident, (2) an Australian Citizen, or (3) an eligible New Zealand Citizen.

The Partner Visa Subclass 309 (Provisional) is a necessary step to obtaining the Partner Visa Subclass 100.


Requirements for the Subclass 309 Provisional Visa:

  1. You are residing outside Australia.
  2. You are a partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealander.

You will be granted visa if you are married and:

  1. Your relationship breaks down but there is a child from the relationship.
  2. Your partner dies and you can show that your relationship would have continued if your partner had lived, and that you have close business, cultural or personal ties to Australia.
  3. Your relationship breaks down and you or members of your family have suffered family violence.

You can be granted visa if you are in a de facto relationship for less than 12 months and:

  1. You can demonstrate compelling and compassionate circumstances such as having dependent children.
  2. Your partner has been granted a permanent humanitarian visa and your de facto relationship existed before it was granted and you told us about the relationship before the visa was granted.
  3. Your de-facto relationship has been registered in Australia.
  4. You have good moral and health conducts.
  5. You do not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government.

Privileges of the Visa

  • Gives you the right to live in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • You can study or work in Australia during your stay.
  • You can enrol for Medicare, Australia’s health and health-related care scheme.


How much does the subclass 309/100 visa cost?

  • Partner ( Subclass 309/100) Visa – call
  • Additional Applicant Charge 18 and above – call
  • Additional Applicant Charge 18 and below – call


Additional Fees:

  • Medical Examination
  • Police Check
  • Translation