Australian Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489

This is a temporary visa designed for applicants whose skills, experience and abilities are in high demand in the regional territories or specific states of Australia. This class of visa allows you to live and work in the regional territories of Australia up to 4 years. However, you must choose an occupation from the relevant occupation list, and you also need to get the sponsorship of that particular state in Australia, in respect of which you have chosen to apply.

To become eligible to apply for this visa, an applicant must:

  1. Have experience in any of the occupations listed in the consolidated Skills Occupation List (SOL) of Australia.
  2. Score at least 60 points based on your age, qualification, experience, English-language proficiency.
  3. Get a state or territory sponsorship.
  4. Be below 50 years old.
  5. Obtain a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority
  6. Have a required level of English-language proficiency from IELTS.
  7. Experience as required by state/territory.
  8. Submit an expression of interest (EOI).
  9. Apply state sponsorship application.
  10. Meet the health and character requirement.
  11. Live in sponsoring state or territory for 2 years once the visa is issued.


Benefits of Subclass 489 Visa

  1. Live and work in Australia for up to 4 years.
  2. Travel in and outside Australia till your visa is valid.
  3. Apply for permanent residency if you meet the required conditions.


How much does subclass 489 visa costs?

  • Independent (Primary applicant) visa – call.
  • Dependent Applicant Fees (18 and above) – call.
  • Dependent Applicant Fees (Under 18) – call.

Additional Fees:

  • Medical Examination
  • Police Check
  • Translation