Permanent Immigration Visa Categories


Federal Skilled Workers:


Applicants are assessed on their likelihood of becoming economically established in Canada, and this includes qualifying under a points system. This visa category has recently changed and New Instructions have been issued. We can assess your eligibility under the New Instructions and provide you with alternative options if you do not qualify under this category.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP):


Provinces select Applicants who are interested in living in their provinces and will contribute to the provinces’ economic development by either investing or working in that province. Please look at the different criteria under the individual province and fill out our PNP form for further information and to see if you are eligible to apply.


Canadian Experience Class (CEC):


This visa type is for foreign workers and international graduates who are in Canada on a temporary basis and wish to become Permanent Residents. Canadian education and work experience are key selection factors.


Family Sponsorship:


Canada specializes in re-uniting families. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who wishes to sponsor a close relative from abroad such as your spouse, partner, parent or dependent child, we can help you. Contact us and we will advise you appropriately.


Business Class:


The purpose of this class of visa is to attract investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals who have substantial net-worth and strong business skills from outside Canada, to develop new commercial opportunities and to venture into foreign markets by encouraging immigrants who are familiar with foreign markets.


All Categories of Canadian Immigrants:


Please note that all applicants for permanent residency must pass security/criminal checks and meet medical requirements before they can become permanent residents of Canada. In certain cases, applicants who are inadmissible on criminal or medical grounds may be granted a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). If you believe you may be inadmissible into Canada on either ground and wish to apply for a permanent visa, please contact us regarding your specific personal situation.

Once you are a Permanent Resident: You can live, work, go to school anywhere in Canada and can also sponsor close family members who did not receive a permanent visa when you did. You can apply to become a Canadian Citizen after living in Canada for 3 years.