UK Visa


We provide our clients with honest and straightforward advisory and legal service regarding all issues with UK immigration.

Our UK Immigration Visa services include:

  • Visiting and family Visa application
  • Marriage Visa application
  • Student Visa application
  • Point base (Tier) Visa application
  • Interview preparation
  • Visa refusal appeals
  • Training

UK Immigration Appeal.

Law and Immigrate is a leading immigration firm located in Nigeria. We can give you the best chance to win your appeal when you are refused a visa.

We understand a notification of visa refusal is often a confusing and stressful time for the applicant. We have expert immigration lawyers who will represent and support you throughout the journey.

. We have the finest advocates so you can be rest assured that you will be getting value for money and we are determined to win your appeal.


I have been refused a Visa. What should I do next?

The UKBA will have provided you with a notification of refusal.

We offer appraisal service. After speaking to us, we will invite you to our office for a more detailed review of your case. In this session, we will devise an appeal strategy to win your case.

We will give you a firm quote for your case. We will only charge you for the amount of work we will do. Our quote is cheap and straightforward. There are no hidden fees or charges.

We will give you an idea of how long the appeal will take to resolve at the First Tier Tribunal – Immigration and Asylum.

We will give you detailed information about your prospects of success at an Immigration Appeal, ie how likely it is you will be successful;

In brief the process is this: we will notify you of

(a) Advice on what the next best option is;
(b) Your chances of success on appeal;
(c) The overall costs that our appeal lawyers will charge;
(d) How long it will all take; and
(e) What documents you might need.


How do we win Immigration appeals?

We ensure that every point in the refusal letter is answered in the Immigration Appeal, through a careful collection of evidence, analysis of case law and collection of witnesses and robust case strategy. We do not leave any stone unturned, and we will not take any chances.

We always comply with directions sent by the First Tier Tribunal – Asylum and Immigration. This immigration court will usually ask that all documents are sent to them 5 days before the hearing. We work with all court directions and meet the required deadlines.

Our UK Immigration Appeal Services

We provide the following services to our Immigration appeal clients.

  1. Take your case over with Immigration tribunal called the Immigration and Asylum Chamber – First and Upper Tiers) and Home Office .
  2. Conduct full preparation and advice on all documents needed; and
  3. Provide robust advice in preparation of the appeal; and
  4. Prepare full witness statements; and
  5. Fully briefing our specialist and experienced lawyers;
  6. Presenting your case to the Immigration court
  7. Prepare skeleton argument; and
  8. Comply with all court directions; and
  9. Get you and your witnesses (if any) ready for hearing; and
  10. We tune our strategy to win your case
  11. If the appeal is successful, we will support you so you can get the visa originally applied for is stamped on your passport as soon as possible; and
  12. On very rare occasion, if appeal unsuccessful advising you on next steps, further appeals, merits and costs.